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That’s right, Senorita! When it comes to that man/boy, do your grieving and then get on with it. Us women spend way too much time grounded in the past woulda, coulda, shouldas. Handle your business, do the work to heal and move the hell on. Here are 3 TOP TIPS that will support your process🐥 1. Stay socially active. Being socially active means different things to different people, but whether that means meeting a friend for lunch once a week, staying involved in your group friend chats or going out on the weekends- keep up your social support as much as possible. It will keep you feeling supported and connected as you process. 2. Fill up on self-care. Self-care is self-love. Spend more days than not participating in activities that fill your tank. Spending time in nature, exercising, eating well, reading, spa time, watching comedy, connecting with loved ones, or anything that brings you joy and peace will help facilitate any healing process and make life worth living while you work towards a healthier spot. 3. Hire a great therapist or coach. Sometimes, our monkey brains play tricks on us. We start to believe the worst or go down those rabbit holes of sabotage left to our own devices. A professional can provide expert advice and guidance in the process and help your brain sort through the muck when you’re in deep. Heartbreak is not only inevitable but it’s an important part of life that shows us where our true gold is inside. When it happens, feel it, heal it and move forward. But don’t stay stuck in your pain. #coach #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #love #healing #breakups #heartbreak
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😂😂 So true
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Love this! I need to pay to read it.... hint hint