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Last book you got? ⠀ For me it’s ‘Lisey’s Story’ by Stephen King! ⠀ (swipe for a sneak peek of my reading buddy!) ⠀ Last Spring I read four or five of his older books in a row and had a grand ole time, since then I seem to have fallen off the wagon though (the old too many books to little time sitch, ya know the drill). ⠀ Which is why I decided to jump right back in the fray with this one! I have close to no idea what the book is about and for some reason I’d been convinced it was one of his smaller books (nope, it has 666 pages) but apparently it’s his favorite out of all the books he’s written so I’m super curious to read it! ⠀ Bonus: it’s set in the same town as Dead Zone, which is arguably one of my favorites by him! ⠀ Any favorite Stephen King books you can recommend? ⠀ Or thoughts on this book? ⠀ I haven’t heard a whole lot about it thus far, so I’d love to hear some of y’alls reflections on it! ⠀ Title: Lisey’s Story ⠀ Author: Stephen King @stephenking ⠀ Publisher: Hodder @hodderbooks ⠀ ⠀ #bookstagram #turquoisebooks #liseysstory #stephenking #stephenkingbooks #hodderbooks #prettybooks
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alixreads profile picture
alixreads   8 months ago
The Stranger Diaries lol
_realityescaper_ profile picture
_realityescaper_   8 months ago
War storm by Victoria Aveyard 😍
time4reading profile picture
time4reading   8 months ago
The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. Looking forward to it but I have so many other books to read!!
saruhreads profile picture
saruhreads   8 months ago
I read my first two Kings last year (Misery and Joyland) I really enjoyed them! Maybe I’ll read some more this year 🤔😆
thewonderlandchapters profile picture
thewonderlandchapters   8 months ago
Last book I received was Gilded Wolves 😍✨
baayan.b profile picture
baayan.b   8 months ago
Eleanor, a collage student , she decides to live with her grandmother who she haven't seen in wasn't too long till her life turned upside down in that house . Read my novel ( into the darkness) on wattpad!! The link is in my bio
phantomfable profile picture
phantomfable   8 months ago
King of scars but alas i cannot read it until I read all the other books in the grishaverse
berdibooks profile picture
berdibooks   8 months ago
Ah, I love that Stephen King cover. I tried to find it here but was not successful 😅
peta.reads profile picture
peta.reads   8 months ago
Last book I got was Scythe, by Neal Schustermen... And it was promptly added to the never ending pile of books I've been meaning to get around to, haha
leadingtheread profile picture
leadingtheread   8 months ago
Last book I got was The Wicked King! I loved it so much 🙌
bibliobirgit profile picture
bibliobirgit   8 months ago
My favorite Stephen King book is Insomnia, It’s so weird yet so beautiful❤️
azkabannedbooks profile picture
azkabannedbooks   8 months ago
Verity😁 and i have yet to read a Stephen King😱
mitchreads profile picture
mitchreads   8 months ago
I like this one 👊
priyanka.booknook profile picture
priyanka.booknook   8 months ago
Am yet to read Stephen King though.. really looking up to it !
thebooksterin profile picture
thebooksterin   8 months ago
I love Stephen King! My favourite so far is Mr. Mercedes (and It of course) 👻
edm.writes profile picture
edm.writes   7 months ago
@okinohio how did you like wintergirls I’m debating on getting it.
corneal64 profile picture
corneal64   7 months ago
book_enchantress profile picture
book_enchantress   7 months ago
i’ve read winter girls and it’s so good!
kitap.ormani profile picture
kitap.ormani   7 months ago
Çok güzel bir paylaşım
okinohio profile picture
okinohio   5 days ago
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